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ShowThePlanPRO™ For Ambit Energy Consultants

Your business presentation in your prospect's hand -- Instantly. 

Where ever they are. With instant feedback for you!

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"I believe in ShowThePlanPRO so much I'm referring it to other consultants. This is a great tool. I'm having tremendous success recently sponsoring 13 new consultants in a two week period."

Kirk Horan

Executive Consultant

Crystal Sphere Award Winner

"ShowThePlanPRO is a must-have tool for every consultant. It takes advantage of the simplest form of communication ... texting ... that we all use today. It's a game-changer that I use to grow my Ambit business."

Jeff Rollins

Executive Consulltant

Pure Energy Award Winner

"ShowThePlanPRO has allowed me to leverage technology in a simple way! To be notified when someone has interest in the business and is watching the video is just as exciting as someone joining the business! This is a *must* and a game-changer for ALL consultants to SORT through the masses!"

Tim Hunte

Executive Consultant

Pure Energy Award Winner

"The texts you receive when your prospect clicks the link, starts and ends the video are HUGE in the timing of reaching back out to them. Great feature! 

The first time I used ShowThePlanPRO, I sponsored a couple in another state. It was my first time showing the plan remotely and the first time sponsoring someone outside of our area. I'm obviously thrilled!

We sponsor someone and they get 3 customers and our STPpro is more than paid for!! How do you beat that!!

Dave & Cathy Lipinczyk

Executive Consultant

"Stop wasting your time chasing people who said they watched your video. ShowThePlanPRO tracks your prospects and lets you know who has watched your video with instant text alerts. This allows you to move from first exposure to enrollment much faster with those most likely to be your next pearl."

Nate Horowitz

Senior Consultant

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Introducing a powerful, mobile business invitation and presentation tool like nothing else out there today!

ShowThePlanPRO is, quite simply, a better tool for inviting your business prospects to take a look at your opportunity and for putting that presentation in the plam of their hand. But STPpro doesn't stop there -- we also give you instant text alerts whenever your prospect takes action!

- Send Text & EMail Invitations

- Instant "Sizzle" Video or full Business Presentation 

- Works on Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops & Desktops

- Choose from multiple videos

- Instant Activity Alerts delivered by Text Message

- Always know what actions your prospect took - instantly

- Invitation and activty logs help you to follow up easily

Vision: To become the finest and most respected energy retailer in the country.

Ambit Energy consultants know that they're partnered with the finest and most respected retail energy provider in the country. They know that we never sacrifice integrity for growth. And we know that we have the right vehicle at the right time partnered with the right company and the right people.

Now, it's up to us to ...

Show the plan

Show The Plan


Introducing ShowThePlanPRO for Ambit Energy consultants.

STPpro is a powerful mobile recruiting tool ...

designed and built by Ambit Energy Consultants FOR Ambit Energy Consultants.

As Ambit consultants, we already have some of the finest tools in the network marketing industry ... from our awesome Ambit Energy Websites to the Success From Home magazine and more. So why do we need another tool?

Mobility and Agility

ShowThePlanPRO is mobile. It's designed to work on your smartphone and your prospect's smart phone. But truthfully, it works equally well on any tablet, laptop or desktop computer using a modern browser.

STPpro isn't a website and it isn't an app. It's a fully-featured cloud-based service ... it's a web app. It's customized with your contact information and links to all of your Ambit Energy sites. But STPpro goes waaaay beyond a simple digital business card.


5 Minutes ... that's all it takes

STPpro allows you to send your choice of "sizzle" video or full video to your prospect by text message or email or both. And you can do that from your desktop computer or the phone in your hand.

Imagine putting a five minute video about your business opportunity into the hands of a prospect where ever they are RIGHT NOW. Have you had trouble getting people to commit to spending 45 minutes to an hour with you to watch a video? Unless you're brand new in the business, of course you have. We all have.



It's an Awesome Sorting Tool

Now, with ShowThePlanPRO, you'll have a quick introduction that virtually anyone will spend a few minutes with. This is a sorting tool. Those who aren't interested won't waste your time. Those who are interested in learning more will have several ways to do so.

Better yet, with STPpro, your prospect won't have to wait for you to drop by with a DVD and you don't have to wait for them to return home to watch an online video at the end of the day.

There's no question, with STPpro you will get more people to look and you'll be able to sort through the masses more quickly and more efficiently.

Whether they are at the office, at school, in a coffee shop, on the road, in the airport or on a train ... as long as they have a WiFi connection they'll be able to watch your video and contact you immediately.


Feedback is KING!

Now ... here's what separates STPpro from every other tool we have: feedback.

How many times have you invited a prospect to visit your website and watch your video? And how many times have you wondered if they ever did?

Well, wondering is now a thing of the past. With instant STPpro Activity Alerts by text message, you'll know when your prospect visits your site, when they start the video, when they pause or finish the video and other actions that they take while using your STPpro web app.

"We still have our [other recruiting] site,

but will be switching everything over

to the ShowThePlanPRO ...

it is far more user friendly,

and I'm excited for the

back office data and

instant text alerts 

that can be obtained."


Instant feedback ... it's a game changer!

Are you ready to change your game with ShowThePlanPRO?

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And our fully-staffed support desk is there to help you every step of the way ... from get-you-up-and-running training videos to our automated support-ticket system, you're sure to have the training and support you need to make ShowThePlanPRO the best mobile tool you'll ever have for your Ambit Energy business!


"This clearly is the next BIG thing,

I am loving it."


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To your continued success,

The ShowThePlanPRO Team