"I believe in ShowThePlanPRO so much I'm referring it to other consultants. This is a great tool. I'm having tremendous success recently sponsoring 13 new consultants in a two week period."

Kirk Horan

Executive Consultant

Crystal Sphere Award Winner

(to see how Kirk uses STPpro, click HERE)

"ShowThePlanPRO is a must-have tool for every consultant. It takes advantage of the simplest form of communication ... texting ... that we all use today. It's a game-changer that I use to grow my business."

Jeff Rollins

Executive Consulltant

Pure Energy Award Winner

"ShowThePlanPRO has allowed me to leverage technology in a simple way! To be notified when someone has interest in the business and is watching the video is just as exciting as someone joining the business! This is a *must* and a game-changer for ALL consultants to SORT through the masses!"

Tim Hunte

Executive Consultant

Pure Energy Award Winner

"The texts you receive when your prospect clicks the link, starts and ends the video are HUGE in the timing of reaching back out to them. Great feature! 

The first time I used ShowThePlanPRO, I sponsored a couple in another state. It was my first time showing the plan remotely and the first time sponsoring someone outside of our area. I'm obviously thrilled!

We sponsor someone and they get 3 customers and our STPpro is more than paid for!! How do you beat that!!

Dave & Cathy Lipinczyk

Executive Consultants

"Stop wasting your time chasing people who said they watched your video. ShowThePlanPRO tracks your prospects and lets you know who has watched your video with instant text alerts. This allows you to move from first exposure to enrollment much faster with those most likely to be your next pearl."

Nate Horowitz

Senior Consultant